3M 1Mm Polycarb Clr 200Mm X 385Mm Visor

3M Scott Safety

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Faceshields are used in many industries to protect operators against flying particles, liquid, chemical and molten splashes, radiated heat and glare.

Range of visors that are manufactured from Polycarbonate (0.76mm Medium Impact (I) or 1mm high impact (V) and heat protection) and Thermotuff+ (high heat, high impact (V) and chemical protection).

Visors can be fitted to the HP SCO VV997 browguard, which is fitted with a ratchet adjustable headband for wearer comfort or cap attachable visor holders including the HP SCO VV765 aluminum visor holder, HP SCO VH500 nylon cap attached visor holder or the HP SCO VH500P (peaked).

HP SCO VH500 series visor holders can be used with HE SCO RB44CA, HE SCO RB302 and ZONE NG range of cap attachable earmuffs.