3M DBI-SALA Advanced 8510207 Adapter


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3M DBI-SALA Advanced 8510207 Confined Space, Winch/SRL Mounting Bracket Adaptor Mates with Digital Winch/Bracket, Attaches To A Tripod/Davit Bracket

  • Mates with the integrated digital winch bracket for fast and efficient installation - tripod/davit bracket also needed to attach system to structure
  • Attaches to support structure bracket and positions retrieval device in-line with tripod leg or davit mast for proper lifeline routing and fast and safe rescue
  • Rugged and corrosion resistant materials stand-up to the elements for added longevity
  • Extremely easy to install and stays out of the workers way during emergency rescue situations for added safety
  • Winch/SRL mounting bracket adaptor mates with digital winch/bracket and attaches to a tripod/davit bracket
  • Winch/SRL mating mounting bracket adaptor
  • Offers quick mount system to structure