3M Protecta P200 Riggers Full-Body Harness (1130116)


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3M™ Protecta® P200 fall arrest harnesses provide reliable protection, comfort and convenience; now with upgraded features and a sleek, modern look – all at an affordable price.
  • Integrated Suspension Relief Straps Provide an adjustable, continuous loop for post fall, offering suspension relief.
  • D-Ring Placement Conveniently placed front fall arrest D-ring helps you stay balanced and centred.
  • Lanyard Keepers Provides easy parking of snap hooks or karabiners.
  • Impact Indicators Rip-stitch indicators allow you to inspect the harness at a glance, for prior damaging impact loads.
  • Modern Black Components Zinc plated steel with electro deposit paint finish
  • Covered Labels A Velcro™ cover protects harness labels.
  • Confined Space Loops Positions user in vertical position when lowering/raising from Confined spaces (when used with spreader bar).
  • Universal Size One model size to accommodate a broad range of users (refer sizing guide)
  • Certifed to AS/NZS 1891.1:2020
Special Instructions/Conditions of Use
  • Reading user instruction manual prior to use is essential.
  • Six monthly inspection & re-certification is required as per AS/NZS 1891.4


Protecta P200 Riggers Harness

Webbing Colour: Black

Webbing Material: Polyester

Webbing Width: 45mm

Thread/Stitching Material: Polyester

Thread/Stitching Colour: Red

Resistance: UV degradation tested as per AS/NZS 1891.1:2020 requirements


  • Rear D – Fall Arrest rated, Zinc plated steel, minimum break strength 22.2kN, internal diameter width 55.5mm
  • Front D-ring- Fall Arrest rated, Zinc plated steel, minimum break strength 22.2kN, internal diameter width 44.5mm
  • Quick Connect BucklesChest & legs, solid riveted construction, Zinc plated steel

Web Keeper: Nylon Elastic and Plastic 

Capacity: One user. The minimum and maximum weight of the user that includes clothing, tools, etc is determined by the connecting subsystem being used, e.g. 3M™ DBI-SALA®, 3M™ Protecta® Lanyard or SelfRetracting Lifeline.

Weight (approx.): 1.83kg

Temperature (working environment): -20°C to 50°C (guide only)

If a dorsal extension is part of your harness the maximum lanyard assembly permitted is 1.7m or less.