3M Replacement Clear Polycarb Visor Vc105

3M Scott Safety

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Face shields are used in many industries to protect operators against flying particles, liquid, chemical and molten splashes, radiated heat and glare.

VC105 is a complete bowguards and polycarbonate visor. It offers high impact protection and resistance to waterbased liquids such as biological, acids and weak solvents.

face shield, bowguards and visor are tested in combination and are certified as a combination.

  • Australian made
  • Lightweight
  • Ratchet headgear adjustment
  • High impact gloss shell
  • 1mm polycarbonate visor - 300mm x 200mm
  • The headband is fitted with a terry toweling sweatband to absorb moisture and utilizes a ratchet mechanism for security.
  • The crown adjustment accommodates different head sizes and ensures the head harness is fitted correctly.
  • The simple tilt adjustment allows the wearer to personalize visor position
  • The friction pivoting system allows for lifting and lowering of the visor, providing convenient one hand operation.


  • Grinding and Disc Cutting
  • Lead Jointing
  • Metal Cleaning and Plating
  • Chemical Processing
  • Liquid Splash
  • Gauging

Respiratory equipment should in some instances be selected and worn in combination with this product.


  • Bowguards: Nylon injection moulded
  • Headgear: Polypropylene & Nylon
  • Sweatband: Foam backed Terry Towelling
  • Visor: 1mm Polycarbonate