Austlift 20m Temporary Horizintal Life Line for Two (915130)


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The horizontal anchorage life line made up of 30mm polyester webbing is equipped with the ratchet tensioner that allows easy tensioning of the lifeline between two structures. Both the ends are provided with auto locking steel karabiners. The whole system is supplied in a bag which is permanently attached and easy to carry. Once fitted, excess webbing not utilised can be put back into the bag. Once the life line is fitted, the user can easily attach the lanyard of his harness to the lifeline using a karabiner. This allows movement along the length while keeping the user secured and safe at all times.

SUITABLE FOR: Use as a temporary horizontal life line as a two person system.

• 30mm wide polyester webbing.
• Total Length: 20M.
• Adjustable Length: 5-20M.
• Conforms to EN 795: 2012.
• Tested & certified for use by two users simultaneously.