Bandit III SMOKE Firestorm Wildfire Firefighting Goggles

Bandit III

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The Firestorm goggle is a low profile safety goggle with all the features you've come to expect in a safety goggle. The swivel hinge together with an adjustable length strap enables you go get that perfect fit. The soft TPR frame sits comfortably on your face, ensuring foreign debris stays away from your occular area.

Certified to AS/NZS1337.1 with medium impact rating, the Firestorm goggle is your ideal safety goggle for just about any work environment. The antifog lens coating ensures you have crystal clear vision when you need it most. The low profile design enables you to wear the Firestorm goggle whilst wearing a helmet. The Firestorm has been approved for heat and fire ratings as well as hot solids resistance. The high temperature rating (Heat Resistance) allows the firestorm goggle to be worn in ambient temperatures of 120°C. Available in both Clear and Smoke tints.


  • Heat Resistant
  • Fire Protection
  • Anti-fog Lens
  • Soft TPR Frame
  • Adjustable Length Strap
  • Elasticised Strap
  • Swivel Hinge
  • Low Profile
  • Medium Impact