Beaver B Safe Roofers Kit Tradies harness & 15m rope system.


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Beaver Tradies Roofers Safety Kit B-Safe Roofing BK061215TRAD

Beaver manufacturers a number of packaged solutions for height safety equipment users. From a personal type kit for construction, electrical or management personal, through to kits for working on roofs, temporary horizontal static line kits and work positioning kits.

Roofers Kit

A versatile kit which is suitable for many roof and construction applications. The kit comes complete with 15 metre rope safety line, manual rope adjuster, 1.5 metre anchorage sling, karabiner, 2 metre shock absorbing lanyard, harness with both front and rear attachment, all packed in a quality kit bag.

Part No. BK061215TRAD

Applications: Roof access, restraint applications to prevent personnel from reaching a fall situation.

Specifications: All components comply with AS/NZS 1891.1

FULL SAFETY KIT PRODUCTS Include: BK061215TRAD  Roofers Kit, comes with

  • BH01120 harness
  • 15 metre safety line
  • rope adjuster
  • tie off adapter
  • 2 metre shock absorbing lanyard
  • personal gear bag.