Davit White PVC adapter Sleeve for davit bases


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DA WSG inserts
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White PVC Replacement adapter sleeve suits various davit bases.


  1. slide the adapter sleeve on the mast, then insert into the davit base to check compatibility.
  2. wipe clean the inside of the davit base
  3. apply vaseline to the davit mast
  4. slide the adapter sleeve on to the davit mast
  5. apply PVC glue  to the adapter sleeve
  6. insert the davit mast with the adapter sleeve into the davit base.
  7. twisted the davit mast to spread the glue inside the davit base.
  8. cure time as per the manufacturers instructions on the glue. 
  9. remove the davit mast, once the glue has set.

PPE: Gloves and Mask