Ferno Vertical Rescue Stretcher plus VRS 6 Point Adjustable Lifting Bridle


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Combo Includes:

1 x Ferno Vertical Rescue Stretcher (VRES STRETCH)

1 x Ferno VRS 6 Point Lift Bridle (BRB-VRS)


The Ferno Vertical Rescue Stretcher’s roll-up, compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for high angle, confined space, horizontal or vertical rescue.

When deployed the wrap-around concept becomes rigid and gives the patient a feeling of security as well as protecting limbs and body from further injury during evacuation procedures. The Vertical Rescue Stretcher is fitted with many carry handles as well as six lifting slings that provide a good variety of options for transportation and lifting.

Also supplied standard is an integral and comprehensive, colour-coded, full body restraint system that includes a padded head restraint, six over body restraints, shoulder and groin straps along with a generous foot strap to assist with vertical lifts.

When not in use the Vertical Rescue Stretcher rolls up and is easily housed within the Cordura storage bag which doubles as a backpack. Also available in military colours.


  • Constructed from internal high-density polyethylene with a mixture of tough 1000 and 1680 denier Cordura with a heavy polyurethane coating
  • Various carry handles and lift slings provide many options for transport or evacuation lifting
  • Integral, colour-coded, head, shoulder, groin, and foot restraints
  • Generous foot strap to assist patient comfort and safety in vertical lifts
  • Six exterior restraint straps assist to wrap and secure stretcher around the patient
  • Includes a Cordura storage bag with backpack shoulder straps

Product Name: Ferno Vertical Rescue Stretcher
Product Code: VRES STRETCH


When you're on a mission and time is of the essence, the Ferno VRS 6-Point Lift Bridle will save rescuers valuable time while reducing the risk of possible error while under stress.

Although the Vertical Rescue Stretcher is supplied standard with six lifting slings the Ferno VRS 6 Point Lift Bridle is designed specifically to fit the Vertical Rescue Stretcher and offers the rescuer additional adjustment of the stretcher angle in delicate rescue scenarios.

Each adjustable sling arm is colour coded to the stretcher lift handles to ensure correct placement.

Product Name: Ferno VRS 6 Point Lift Bridle
Product Code: BRB-VRS