Honeywell North RU6500 APR Full Face Resp 5 Strap Medium- Mask Only


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Honeywell RU6500 APR Full Face Resp 5 Strap Medium ( Mask Only- NO filters Supplied )

Comfort for your workers - and your budget.  The North RU6500 silicone full facepiece provides all day comfort at a great price.

Key Features

  • Silicone seal provides excellent facepiece seal, creating a barrier against contaminants
  • Silicone nose cup is soft and comfortable for all day wear
  • Polycarbonate lens with wide field of vision maximized peripheral visions plus downward view; meets ANSI Z 87 for high impact
  • Wide viewing area provides distortion free visibility and optical clarity
  • 5-point strap option includes center strap to help position and hold the mask for a more secure fit; offers quick, easy adjustments
  • Industrial mesh headnet option provides another choice for user comfort preference; can be used under hard hat
  • Threaded cartridge connector secures cartridges and filters to avoid accidental disconnections
  • Can be adapted to side mount CF-SAR, front mount CF-SAR, side mount PAPR and front mount PAPR eliminating the need to fit test workers on several respirators

Recommended Industries/Use



  • NIOSH 42 CFR 84 -
  • ANSI Z 87 - Polycarbonate lens meets ANSI Z 87 for high impact.
  • 1.0 INTRODUCTION The RU6500 Series is comprised of a full facepiece mask that is one component of a complete respirator. Other components of this respirator are sold separately. Only those components manufactured by Honeywell and listed on the approval label may be used. These user instructions apply exclusively to the use and maintenance of this full facepiece, and to the assembly and use of this full facepiece as an air-purifying respirator. This facepiece should only be used and maintained by individuals who have completely read and understand the instructions contained within this Instruction Manual and any other Operating and Maintenance Instruction Manuals included with the other components of a complete respirator. For more information and a complete listing of approved components
  • 1.1 NIOSH CERTIFICATIONS When components listed on the NIOSH Approval Label are used, these facepieces are approved as part of air-purifying, powered air-purifying or supplied air respirators. Refer to the User Instructions of those components (e.g. Compact Air PAPR) and the NIOSH approval labels supplied with these products for a listing of all components that must be used to assemble a complete NIOSH approved respirator. When used as air-purifying respirators the Honeywell RU6500 Series is for protection from hazardous gases, vapors and/or particulates where the concentration does not exceed 50 times the Permissible Exposure Limit (PEL), is below the contaminant’s Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) level, and there is sufficient oxygen according to the OSHA or CSA requirements.
  • 1.2 AUSTRALIAN CERTIFICATIONS These respirators are approved under Australian and New Zealand Standard 1716:2012 Lic. SMK 0563 for respiratory protection against hazardous gases, vapors and/or particulates, depending on the air-purifying cartridges and/or filters used and the contaminant concentration and/or toxicity, and if there is sufficient oxygen present in the contaminated atmosphere to support life.