Maxi Harness Stainless Steel Endure - Water Repellent Harness M-XL


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The Stainless steel fittings and repel technology coating makes this a durable long lasing harness in highly corrosive environments. Constructed from a unique polyester webbing, incorporating the special repel technology - which repels oil, dirt and water. The coating does not impact weight, feel, colour and texture of the webbing. Liquid spills can easily be wiped away when blotted with a clean cloth, and dry soil can be brushed of easily.

• Oil, Dirt and water repellent webbing.
• Highly UV Resistant Webbing
• Large permanently upright D-ring fall arrest rated.
• Stainless Steel 2/3 bar buckle connection.
• Fall arrest frontal belay loops.
• Certified & Approved to AS/NZS 1891.1.
• The standard harness is a one-size-fits-all covering M – XL.

SUITABLE FOR: water works, construction & maintenance, ladder work, scaffolding, warehouse, roofing work.