Pelsue Davit arm, mast 1219mm reach- 24m IKAR winch -HRA24


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The Pelsue Permanent Davit System is extremely versatile and can be used for both fall protection and rescue & retrieval. The system includes a universal bracket for the mounting of a hoist, standard SRL, or 3-Way SRL, and offers an additional mounting location for using two systems. 

All Pelsue Davit Systems are built from structural aluminum, allowing for lightweight and portable use. They are also specifically engineered to be fully set up in about 5 minutes. The Pelsue Davit System is proudly made in America with the highest quality materials to ensure the system will provide you years of service.

All Pelsue Davit Systems are man rated at 310 lbs. 


    IKAR Fall Arrest SRL inertia reel type 3 system kit

    Fall Arrest Block with an integral recovery mechanism, 24.0m steelrope lifeline in an aluminium housing to EN360:2002 and EN1496

    This aluminium housed fall arrest block is a sturdy, low maintenance device fitted with a steelrope lifeline, terminated with a steel double action hook. The attachment anchorage point on the fall arrest block is an open steel handle, suitable for connection via a Standard Karabiner type connector, or a Standard Karabiner type connector with an Anchorage Sling, or a Large Karabiner.

    This fall arrest block also has a built in recovery mechanism, which is engaged by pulling a pin on the side of the block and engaging a winding handle. This then allows the device to be used to lift or lower a casualty post fall, or if they have become incapacitated in a confined space.

    The lifeline in this fall arrest block has been tested in a simulated fall over an edge and passed the German draft amendment EN360. However, not all edges will react in the same way as the tested steel edge, so when using this fall arrest block, every effort must be made to ensure that in the event of an arrested fall, the lifeline does not pass over an edge.

    The dimensions of this block are: 630 x 275 x 110 mm.

    May come with Double action snap hook or Tri-lock Karabiner