Petzl Jane Lanyard 150cm


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Petzl JANE Lanyard 150CM

For work positioning and backup systems.

The Petzl Jane Lanyard is made from dynamic rope with stitched terminations. The lanyard features plastic protectors on the ends to ensure that the carabiners are optimally positioned. 

* Used alone for work positioning, or combined with an energy absorber for integration into a fall arrest system.

* Allows anchoring to a fixed point or a horizontal lifeline (the height of the attachment point on the harness must never be above the anchor point).

* Sewn ends with plastic sleeve: helps hold the connector in the correct position and protects against abrasion.

 Reference : L50 150
- Weight : 110 g
- Length : 0.6 m (without connector)

Certification: CE EN 354