Reid 2.5t x 170mm SwiftLift Foot Anchor


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The SwiftLift system utilises a fully engineered approach combining cast-in lifting anchors, recess formers, and custom-fitting lifting clutches. Using the SwiftLift system results in fewer failures, saving time and costs due to damage or construction delays


• SwiftLift Foot Anchors are the most versatile and widely used anchors in the SwiftLift range.

• Made from ductile steel, SwiftLift™ Foot Anchors are hot dipped galvanised to AS4680 for corrosion protection.

• 1.3t & 2.5t foot anchors are manufactured from high tensile steel for added strength.

*Note: Factor of Safety (FoS) for high tensile steel is 4 which is significantly greater than the minimum requirement stipulated in AS3850.1 Clause 2.2