Skylotec MAGIC 5m Light Fall Arrest Device Rope Lanyard (L-0200-5)


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MAGic - 5.0mt. Lightweight non removable adjustor on 12mm Kernmantle rope. Screw gate, 21mm gate captive eye karabiner on MAGic & rope end. Adjustable, fall arrest rated AS/NZS 1891.3 compliant devices.

Skylotec MAGic 5m Light Fall Arrest Device Rope Lanyard

The patented MAGic is an extremely light fall-arrest device on a moveable guidance made of steel and aluminium. The gliding along a core-sheathed rope absorbs the energy. As soon as the MAGic tilts, the brake blocks close around the rope and the MAGic holds the secured person within an extremely short reaction time and without any unsettling tearing noises. This appreciably reduces the initial shock from the fall and the worker feels safe.

  • Art. no.: L-0200
  • EAN: 4030281073093
  • Diameter: 12 mm
  • E-class number: 40-02-01-07
  • Hand-washing: 40 °C
  • Max. number of persons: 1
  • Patent
  • Temperature from: -35 °C
  • Temperature up to: 45 °C
  • Suspension element: Kernmantelseil 12mm
  • Customs no.: 84799080
  • Carabiner on device: STAK
  • Carabiner on rope: STAK
  • Standard: EN 353-2:2002
  • Rope material: Polyamid