3M™ E-A-Rsoft™ Earplugs AV 311-4110, Metal Detectable, Corded, 2000_0

3M™ E-A-Rsoft™ Earplugs AV 311-4110, Metal Detectable, Corded, 2000

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3M™ E-A-Rsoft™ Yellow Neons™ Earplugs feature a tapered shape and smooth soft texture for a comfortable fit. This earplug model is made of a soft, slow-recovery foam that also helps make insertion easier. The regular and large size together offer 3M's maximum noise reduction rating for hearing protection.


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When inserting the earplug into the ear, the slow-recovery foam gives the wearer time to get the compressed foam cylinder (rolled down earplug) into the ear before the foam fully expands. High visibility with neon yellow coloring makes this PPE easy to see to verify compliance. Available with or without cord to suit user preference. Dispenser bottles for One Touch Pro dispenser are also available. This product is EARfit testable to help validate the level of protection the individual user is getting.