P100 Particulate Filter, Magenta (272-RPRF4004) - OS_0

P100 Particulate Filter, Magenta (272-RPRF4004) - OS

SKU:PIP-272-RPRF4004 MPN:272-RPRF4004
P100 Particulate Filter
Product Description

PressToCheck™ twin filters provide Daily Face Fit Reassurance™. With PressToCheck™ filters you can instantly check* that you have the correct seal every time you don your mask before entering the hazard zone.

  • P100 Particulate Filter
  • NIOSH Approved
  • NIOSH 99.97% filter efficiency. Effective against all solid and oil particulate aerosols
  • Compatible with all JSP¬Æ Force Typhoon8‚Ñ¢ half mask respirators
  • APF 10* when Quantiative Fit Testing is performed
  • Evolutionary pleated filter provides lower breathing resistance
  • PressToCheck‚Ñ¢ twin filters ensure a correct seal every time
  • Low profile design allows full field of vision and works better with other above-the-neck PPE