Single-Ply Dyneema® Diamond 1.0 Blended Sleeve, Gray (S13ECO/PE5) - 18_0

Single-Ply Dyneema® Diamond 1.0 Blended Sleeve, Gray (S13ECO/PE5) - 18

Single-Ply Dyneema® Diamond 1.0 Blended Sleeve


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Introducing the first ever bio-based ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber. This innovation utilizes the mass balance approach and further reduces our reliance on fossil fuel based resources. Now bio-based Dyneema® fiber will enable our partners and downstream customers to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining the same trusted performance. Used for electronics, glass cutting, sheet metal handling, parts assembly, sharp small parts handling, construction and other general duty applications.

  • Bio-based Dyneema¬Æ Diamond 1.0 blend provides excellent protection against cuts, lacerations and abrasions
  • Lightweight sleeves are cool against the skin for greater comfort
  • Seamless construction for comfort, fit and dexterity
  • Elastic ends for a snug fit and to eliminate debris from entering
  • Gray color is great for hiding dirt
  • Launderable for extended life and to reduce replacement costs